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GoMAME - A free MAME Front-end. Source code for Borland C++ Builder is also available for download


POP/SMTP Client classes
A recent project involved receiving and sending mail from a web server engine developed in Borland's C++ Builder v6. After attempting to use the components included with BCB, and looking at the other commercial offerings available on the web, we came to the conclusion that we could do better. The following have been tested with Borland C++ v6, but should work with any version that supports the TTcpClient component, which is used by these classes. Both of these classes are delivered as source code.

Simple POP Client info $15(USD)
Simple SMTP Client info $15(USD)
Get both and save $25(USD)

MD5 Class
As part of working through the POP implementation, I quickly discovered that the MD5 implementation that comes with BCB is worse than the POP and SMTP components. I found a very nice C++ wrapper for the RSA MD5 routines and adapted it to Borland C++Builder. You can download my version (which also includes the original) here, the same way I found it (i.e. free). With this class, you can create an MD5 digest in two simple lines of code. If you are using the POP client above, you may want this class to enable MD5 password-protected logins.

Base64 Class
This is another one that I found on the net and ported to Borland (a very minimal effort). Again, this is the way the Base64 code that's available with BCB should have been written. You can download it here.

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